Matt Hernandez

Matthews musical roots began with playing electric and acoustic finger style folk blues… Later spent several years exploring his family roots living in the mountain region of the Sierra Nevada near Granada, Andalucía in Spain learning Flamenco Guitar – Folk music of gypsies and Southern Spain.

Recalling from around the age of four, Matt played his fathers old vinyl records, which included blues and the fingerstyle acoustic sounds of Simon and Garfunkel. Soon after learning some different styles of blues, Matt met a guitarist named Tec, whom now a retired postman, showed Matt a Spanish rumba and some basic flamenco techniques, (which he had learned from spending a good while in spain himself in the early 1970’s). Later that year Matt went to London, visiting the legendary uk flamenco guitarist Phillip John Lee whom had just returned from living in America. PJL in the late 1960’s (and despite being a young man at that time in his early 20’s) was already considered to be one of the finest virtuoso flamenco guitarists and certainly the best in the uk, being very highly respected and recieved in Spain among Gypsies and Spanish folk. It was from that one lesson alone which inspired Matt to sell his house, purchase an old 1970 VW Campervan (named Betty Blue) to spend several years exploring some of his family roots in Spain, living in the mountains of Granada, Andalucía, Spain, studying traditional flamenco guitar. After touring every city and many towns in Andalucia, Matt settled to live in ‘Las Alpujarras’ a mountain region of the vast ‘Sierra Nevada’ surrounding the great city of Granada…
Immersing himself in the Spanish culture, Matt studied flamenco guitar by learning as he lived the life… with locals and Gypsies!