Hand To Mouth Theatre

Martin Bridle and Su Eaton have been intriguing and entertaining children and adults in schools, theatres, and at festivals and celebrations around the UK and abroad for many years, and are guaranteed to deliver a thoughtful, witty and enchanting performance.

Hand To Mouth Theatre make a welcome return entertaining the whole family on the site with their two shows:

THE BOX OF MECHANICAL DELIGHTS:  Steampunk and clockwork in style, this is a portable coin-operated box which opens to reveal small “mechanical” characters who go through a series of witty sequences. Enjoy an encounter with Professor Cog and Miss Sprocket from Hand to Mouth Theatre and their amazing walkabout Box of Mechanical Delights.
Stand back and be amazed and intrigued by the surreal automated characters who inhabit the box, as they reveal their creaking and whirring world.

“Piggery Jokery” is a whimsical puppet show for family audiences – a tale that travels through the seasons.

Told by the Green Man and his hurdy-gurdy playing Droning Crone and their troupe of rag-bag characters, there is plenty of laughter along the way as the old farmer tends his land and fattens Piggy-Wiggy for the winter. 

It has an atmosphere of Dark Ages & New Ages which will captivate All Ages…from little acorns to old oaks.