LowePowe Noodles

A new visitor to Warwick, LowePowe Noodles mission is to provide great food, fast. Using authentic ingredients we create a freshly cooked, tasty, nutritious meal based on noodles. Our food is cooked in batches of 4-6 portions throughout the day ensuring that your noodles remain fresh and wholesome.

Our menu is simple to allow us to provide the best. We start with wheat noodles and a selection of vegetables stir fried in a little oil and flavoured with soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, vegetarian stir-fry sauce and garlic. Add optional chicken or cashew nuts or go for Char Sui Pork or Sweet & Sour Chicken. Spice it up with your choice of Dark Soy, Hoi Sin, Sweet Chilli, Hot Chilli or Sweet & Sour sauces.

Our two home-made specials, Char Sui Pork and Sweet & Sour Chicken, are both gluten free when ordered with rice.

Meals are served in a traditional noodle pot with chopsticks, or a fork for the less adventurous.