Lotty’s Home Made Cuisine

Homemade Breakfasts, Salads, Curry…We offer  home made vegetarian food, reasonably priced.

We use local  free range eggs with our other ingredients, which also include fair trade and organic.

We also offer speciality tea & coffee  using fair trade coffee beans, tea, sugar and chocolate.

All our food trays and cutlery are made from recycled materials and are also biodegradable.

Sample Menu:

Hot/cold cheese & onion  or stilton & watercress tarts, served on their own or with a freshly prepared salad, hot new potatoes, and dressing.
Veg curry served with warm pitta, mint yogurt dressing and mango chutney. (This is also suitable for vegans)
Vegetarian breakfasts, (inc pastries)
Strawberry tart served with cream / Chocolate tart served with cream.
Fruit pie served with custard.
Gluten free, organic chocolate brownies, served with cream.
Baileys cheesecake served with cream.
Selection of cake slices.