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Keith Donnelly

Keith can make you laugh, cry or do anything you may or may not want to do. He is an accomplished singer guitarist and writer of national fame. An incomparable funny man, as Jasper Carrot once said ‘Keith could make sheep laugh’.

There really is no-one else like Keith Donnelly.
He tells the most fantastic stories!
Some of them happen to have tunes and guitar accompaniment [songs!]
Most of them are true [at least that’s what he says!]
Some of them he makes up [at least that’s what he says!]
Most of them are very funny [at least…]
Some are very short [jokes!]
Some are a bit longer [anecdotes/routines!]
Some of them are mainly for youngsters [from 2 to 102!]
Some for older audiences [3 and a half to 103 (and a half!)