Hand to Mouth Theatre

Equally loved by adults and children, Hand To Mouth Theatre is Martin Bridle and Su Eaton. Together, they have been creating and performing high quality, intelligent and popular puppet and shadow puppet theatre for more than 30 years. They combine acting, music and puppets to create shows for family audiences. A must see.

This year they are will be performing at Piggery Jokery, Flights of Fancy and Punch and Judy!

“Piggery Jokery” is a whimsical perambulation through the seasons, touching on the circular nature of time, as told by the Green Man and his hurdy-gurdy playing Droning Crone and their troupe of rag-bag characters. There is plenty of laughter along the way as the old farmer tends his land and fattens his pig for the winter.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to fly?

That’s what the newly-hatched baby Glovebird thinks too…

“Flights of Fancy tells the tale of a baby Glovebird learning to fly, while the earthbound puppeteer and stick-in-the-mud musician attempt to get the show off the ground. Anything is possible in this menagerie of the imagination, where we meet varieties of Glovebirds who sing, balance and unicycle – and even a flying pig!

Vintage Punch and Judy show
Hand to Mouth Theatre present their Punch and Judy show in a old-fashioned seaside style, but very much in the present with each particular audience.

This is a bright, funny and musical version of the traditional knockabout nonsense, distilled from 11 seasons on the beaches of Kent, and international performances in the USA, Russia, and a dozen European countries.

It is guaranteed to produce belly-laughs in the children and nostalgic guffaws from the adults.