Please camp within the designated areas and follow the steward’s instructions. If you have any issues at all there is a campsite manager’s tent sited near the gate.

Warwick Folk Festival map

Please maintain clear roadways and do not site camping units too close together.

Opening Times

The site opens at 1pm Thursday 22nd July closes at MIDDAY on Monday 25th July with shower and toilet facilities available throughout.

Safety Precautions:

  • Please do not climb any fences.
  • Please do not wander outside the designated festival area.
  • Please do not go onto the farm.
  • Please do not go near or swim in the deep and dangerous river.
  • Please be Covid aware
    • Use provided hand sanitisers
    • Socially distance
    • Test yourself before coming

Fire Safety

Bring a bucket!

Please establish the location of your nearest Fire-Point where you will find fire extinguishers. These should not be moved except in case of fire. Barbeques must be raised off the ground so as to prevent damage to the grass and the disposable ones are not allowed due to fire risk. It is advised that all campers should have a full water bucket by them or their extinguisher readily available if they have one especially if you are barbequing.

  • Please do not smoke in any of the venues.
  • Please do not use personal generators.
  • Please do not use a fuel burning appliance inside your tent or awning, even a cooling barbecue can be lethal.
  • Please do not have open fires/fire pits/disposable barbeques please.


The site is patrolled at night. Festivals can attract thieves so please do not leave any valuables in an accessible place and be on your guard for suspicious behaviour. If you see anything please call the

NIGHT SECURITY: 07485 479563

Wet Weather

If we have excessive wet weather we may restrict the movement of vehicles on the site.

First Aid

The First Aid post is situated in between the Avon Stage and the Big Top.

Elsan Point

The chemical toilet disposal point is near the showers. Please do not use the drinking water taps to rinse cassettes.


Parents are responsible for their children and must accompany any under 10’s. If you lose or find a child please inform the nearest steward.


No dogs are allowed on the site except guide dogs.

Noise Pollution

Please look after our neighbours and your fellow festival goers by keeping noise to a minimum, especially at night. Please use the designated areas if you’d like some late night singing!

Trip Hazards

To avoid injury, please use marked clearways and do not try to navigate between tents.

Clearing Up

Please take everything you bring away with you, including tent pegs, rubbish or anything that can cause injury to the animals that normally use this field i.e. broken glass.

Please deposit your black bags in the skips provided, which will be sorted for recycling after the festival.

The Most Important Rule

Please have a great festival!!