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Workshops & Talks

Workshops are a great way to learn new dances, instrumental skills or styles, or even to meet new friends who share your interests – they’re good fun too!

At Warwick, all our Workshops are led by experienced tutors, many of whom will be appearing elsewhere at the Festival as artists. There’s usually a specific topic, aim or objective, and the content can normally be graded according to the level of prior knowledge/experience/ability needed. We also have a programme of talks in our lecture theatre, your chance to learn more about folk, Warwick and tradition.

Warwick’s workshops are a mini university scattered through the festival programme. Each workshop is a friendly chance to stretch yourself – literally in our Tai Chi classes, or belly dancing if you really want to raise a sweat. You can learn tips from the ace musicians headlining our concerts, or try your hand at the ukulele or whistles you’ve seen in the festival marketplace.

For the future of folk – Shooting Roots will be running Craft and Ceilidh Project workshops for 12-17 year-olds. The workshops are run by an assortment of young, enthusiastic tutors who make them as welcoming, inclusive, and fun as possible for beginners and experts alike! So come along and try your hand at lino printing, or be involved in a ceilidh band and play some tunes or write some dances. See you there!

The festival line-up has something to inspire everyone, and our workshops are where you delve deeper into whatever catches your imagination. Folk has always encouraged its dancers, musicians, singers, storytellers, and Warwick’s great workshop programme is a perfect chance to take another step towards your dreams of stardom, or just to learn a little more.

Tuneworks – all weekend

This year, Tuneworks will be running a series of workshops based around widening your repertoire of traditional tunes and putting you together with lots of like-minded players. We have separate sessions for both beginners and improvers. Have a look on www.tuneworks.co.uk – you can download a tunebook for each session. The beginners book has eight tunes and there are audio clips to help you learn the tunes and guide you as to the speed they will be played at. The improvers tunebook has a wider range of well known tunes, all useful at sessions around the country, and the session will be slightly faster though still at a very relaxed speed. Remember to bring your tunebooks with you to the festival if you need them! Please email the Tuneworks team (via the link on their website) if you need any more information.

Shooting Roots

Time for some Shooting Roots fun! Shooting Roots is an organisation for folk arts, run for young people by young people. They run workshops at various summer festivals, as well as smaller events throughout the year, passing on a love for all things folk to 12-18 year…

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Wyld Thyngz

From our ancient Cornish woodland we bring exciting ideas for children of all ages to make and discover. Come and be a Wyld Thyng; learning in the Wyld for a brighter future. Fri -…

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Pat Arrowsmith

Pat runs our ever popular children's morris dance workshops throughout the weekend. Pat has been involved with Morris teams (Glorishears of Brummagem & Ansley Morris) for nearly 40yrs, both as dancer and musician and have been teaching Morris dancing for both adults and children for nearly 30…

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