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Line Up

Due to the postponement until 2021 we have asked all artists to return next festival and we are pleased to announce that the majority have already confirmed!

Check back here soon for any further changes.

Boundless Brothers • The Canny Band • Leberdek • Shooting Roots • Kristy Gallacher • Bill Bates • Rupe • Chris Elliott and Caitlin Jones • Hand To Mouth Theatre • Graeme Knights • Becky Syson • Baby Bops and Toddle Bops • Coventry Comhaltas • Dave Fry • Dragonhead • Greengrass • Willow and Tool Band • Under the Influence • Tilt • The Quiet Men • Thrup’nny Bits • Wyld Thingz • The Paper Circus • The Harvesters • Spa Strummers • Paul and Glen Elliott • Bob Phillips and Frank Richards • Matthew Hernandez • Sharp as Razors • Sheila Lum • Allan Richardson • Bianco Quartet • Craig Sunderland



Hand To Mouth Theatre • Panic Circus • Shooting Roots

Baby Bops and Toddle Bops • Wyld Thyngz • Morris Dancing

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