Crafts & Music Fair

Located right in the centre of our Festival site, surrounding the Dance Arena and next to the circus skills workshops and Jan’s Van, the craft fair buzzes with atmosphere from morning to night – just the place to go to for a lantern to light your Festival home, or a parasol to shade you from the sun!

If you are looking to browse the Festival show-ground site, craft fair and the ever-popular real ale festival, Site tickets will be available from Box Office each day, valid until 6pm. Catch our Free Warwick Folk Festival bus from the town centre and enjoy the true festival atmosphere!

The music stalls are always popular. There’s always a wide range of instruments available to suit every budget, from the factory-made to exquisite hand-made models. Want to improve your playing or widen your repertoire? There are hundreds of books on the stalls to help you, plus expert and helpful staff to offer advice.

2016 Traders 

Responsible recycling

Responsible recycling

Achieving Results in Communities (ARC) is a Community Interest Company providing project support and delivery for the benefit of the local community. ARC CIC provide a Recycling and Litterpicking service at events around Leamington and Warwick. Our team of volunteers work on site throughout the event to ensure all rubbish is collected, separated and recycled. Please help them by using the appropriate bins!

Big thanks to our recycling volunteers – in 2015 we saved 1.775 tonnes of waste from landfill! This is an improvement on last year at 1.4 tonnes and 1.3 tonnes year before.
Thanks team, and thanks to our lovely audience who use the right bins!